Hi, My Name is Ian

I am a photographer, filmmaker, and digital marketer based in Vancouver, WA. Taking inspiration from classical art and cinema, I create photos, films, and other branded content with a bold and distinct visual style. I strive to create stunning and memorable work that cuts through the noise of an ever-connected and competitive world.

I am the type of person who never settles for good enough. I am always busy doing something to expand my skill set, hone my craft, and advance my goals and ideas. Some call it being a workaholic; others call it crazy. For me, I am the most in sync with the world when I have an idea book, camera, or Wacom pen in hand.

My ultimate goal is to build a body of work that spans my lifetime. I want to travel all roads less taken and leave no stone unturned along the way. I want to create extraordinary work that demands heart and soul in equally large quantities. That is the kind of energy and dedication that I bring to every project I take on.

Ian Brenes Vancouver, WA Photographer, Filmmaker, and Digital Marketer

It All Started With a Camera

Born in Corvallis, OR, I am a lifelong inhabitant of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. I am an alumnus of Portland State University, having graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

My journey into the world of visual storytelling began almost two decades ago with my family's Sony Cyber-Shot camera. I am still not entirely sure what drove me to pick up that brick of a camera. Fate, destiny, a calling - whatever it was - I became obsessed with exploring every facet of the medium as soon as I pressed the shutter button.

I have since worked diligently to build a career that incorporates my passion for creative problem solving and visual artistry. I have done freelance work, ran a small business, and dipped my toes into the corporate world. All along the way, I have used my creative and technical skills to take me where I needed to go next.

Creative work has been ingrained in my daily life for so long that I cannot imagine living without it. I enjoy documenting life through photography as a sort of visual journal. A proudly ardent lens nerd, I collect and shoot with a wide range of vintage glass. When not behind a camera or computer screen, I spend my days hiking, exploring, and hanging out with my wife, Sarah, and our dog, Gigi.

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